Pedal Replacement


This procedure provides instruction to remove and install the Pedals.

The pedals are dual-sided SPDClosed speed® compatible pedal attached to oversized crank arms utilizing the patented Morse taper connections.

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Pedal Replacement tutorial video.


System Component Specification
Pedal fastener TorqueClosed Torque is a measure of the force that can cause an object to rotate about an axis. Bolt/nut example: 5 NM torque is equivalent to 5 newton's of force applied one meter from the center of the bolt, 6 ft-lb is equivalent to 6 lbs of force applied 1 foot away from the center of the bolt. 33 ft-lb (45 N•m)

Specialized Tools

Tool Part Number   Qty  
Crank Extractor
(used to remove pedal)
X-Tools Crank Extractor)(1) or similar 1


Review entire procedure before starting.

CAUTION: Be careful not to scratch or dent bike with tools during the removal/installation process.

    Removal Instructions

  1. Position the crank arm and right pedal to the 12 o'clock position.
  2. Remove the pedal mounting bolt using an 8 mm hex key. Retain part(s) and/or fastener(s) for installation.
  3. Use a crank puller (recommended PN X-Tools Crank Extractor or similar) to press the pedal out of the crank arm and remove.
  4. Repeat steps to remove the left pedal.
  5. Installation instructions:

  6. Insert the right pedal into the right crank arm. Seat the pedal by using a rubber mallet to lightly tap the center of the pedal into the crank arm.
  7. Secure pedal with the pedal mounting bolt using an 8 mm hex key, torque to 33 ft-lb (45 N•m).
  8. Repeat installation steps to install the left pedal.
  9. Verify the bike operation per Operation Verification Checklist and return to service

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